Conference Archives

2021 – Virtual Conference

Adapt and Overcome:  Successfully Navigating Change

2020 – Virtual Conference

2020 Vision: Looking to the Future

2019 – Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Knowledge is Power:  Technology to Address Emerging Conservation Challenges

2018 – Hood River, Oregon

Let’s Partner: Moving Forward Together

2017 – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Displaying and Sharing Your Data in a Compelling Way

2016 – Ponca State Park, Nebraska

It’s All About Scale: Integration of Natural Resource Information

2015 – Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Turning Data Into Knowledge: Collecting Data to Implement Conservation

2014 – Flagstaff, Arizona

Exploring Emerging Technological Tools and Solutions for Common Fish and Wildlife Information Management Challenges

2013 – Acadia National Park, Maine

Leveraging Technology and Information to Better Manage Fish and Wildlife Resources

2012 – Austin, Texas

Facilitating a Network of Fish & Wildlife Information Managers by Leveraging Emerging IT Technologies

2011 – St. Louis, Missouri

Managing Fish and Wildlife Data to Adapt to Changing Environments

2010 – Cadiz, Kentucky

Partnerships & Collaboration in Public Land Management

2009 – Seattle, Washington

Doing More With Less: Leveraging Resources and Technology Through Partnerships

2008 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Using Innovative Technology to Move from Planning to Implementation

2007 – Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Common Problems – Common Solutions: Advancing Natural Resource Management Goals through Collaboration and Technology

2006 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Preparing for the Future: Adapting Technology to Support Sustainable Resource Management

2005 – Tallahassee, Florida

Protecting Fish and Wildlife Through Technology

2004 – San Diego, California

Partnerships and the Future of Fish and Wildlife Information Management

2003 – Rapid City, SD

GIS and Information Management for Conservation Planning

2002 – Baltimore, MD

National Fish & Wildlife Data Summit

2001 – Portland, Oregon

Data Standards from A–Z

2000 – Silver Creek, Colorado

Taking Wildlife Information to the Internet

1999 – Stateline, Nevada

4th National Microcomputer Applications in Fish and Wildlife Conference

1998 – Madison, Wisconsin

1997 – Reston, Virginia

Connecting People with Resources Through Digital Information Systems

1995 – Fayetteville, Arkansas

1994 – Mountain Lake, Virginia

1993 – St. Louis, Missouri