Who We Are


The Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers (OFWIM) is an international non-profit organization. OFWIM was formally established in 1993 and was granted non-profit status in 1995.

Mission: To promote the management and conservation of natural resources by facilitating technology and information exchange among managers of fish and wildlife information.

Vision: To be a bridge between natural resource and technical disciplines to promote partnering, collaboration, sharing of ideas, and best management practices in order to effectively apply technology to the information and data needs of natural resource management.

OFWIM emphasizes coordination, outreach, technical assistance, and continuing education.  Objectives within each of these focus areas are met through the production of a quarterly newsletter, sponsorship of an annual national meeting, sponsorship of regional meetings, sponsorship of and participation in training sessions, and the maintenance of the OFWIM Intranet portal community.

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