Duties of Secretary

Term of Office: two years

The OFWIM Bylaws State in Section 12: “The Secretary prepares the minutes of the annual business meeting and Executive Committee meetings of the Organization. The Secretary shall also maintain the Organization’s mailing list and on-line Membership Registry and provide updated lists to the newsletter editor prior to each newsletter mailing; to Committee Chairs for special announcements and membership drives; and to the Executive Committee and Meeting Planning Committee for correspondence related to the annual business meeting. The Secretary serves as the Vice-Chair of the Communications, Membership & Outreach Committee.”

ExCom Minutes. Prepares and distributes the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings. Documents and tracks Action items assigned to members of the Executive Committee.

Final minutes of the Annual Business Meeting of the Organization. Attends and takes minutes from the Annual Business Meeting. Prepares the official copy for the OFWIM Secretary’s Notebook and enters the official copy, signed by the President and Secretary.

Maintains the online OFWIM Membership Registry. Enters new member information into the on-line OFWIM Membership Registry. Updates and maintains member information. During the 2 months prior to the Annual Business Meeting, the Secretary keeps in close contact with the OFWIM Treasurer on meeting/conference registrations, new memberships, and membership renewals. Most membership (new and renewals) application/payment notifications will be received via WordPress and PayPal alerts. The Treasurer will email copies of paper registration forms with new and renewed memberships to the OFWIM Secretary. New member information (email address, organization name, address, telephone, fax, and membership fee) is entered into the OFWIM Registry. Renewal information is cross-checked against the current member’s record in the Registry and updated if needed.

Email notification lists. Provides list of member email addresses to the Newsletter Editor prior to each news release and for the Annual Business Meeting announcements. Provides lists of current and past member email addresses to Committee Chairpersons as needed, primarily the Communications, Membership & Outreach Committee.

Serves as the Vice-Chair of the Communications, Membership & Outreach Committee. Participates in conference calls scheduled by the Committee Chair. As a Committee member, reviews newsletters prior to release, helps with publicity and special broadcasts regarding the Annual Business Meeting.

Liaison between all OFWIM Committees and the OFWIM public Web site Webmaster. Serves as a conduit between the Executive Committee and/or Committee Chairs and the OFWIM Webmaster to keep the OFWIM public Web site updated with new content, including: annual conference logistics and information; balloting for new officers and/or proposed bylaws changes; new editions of the newsletter; committee announcements; links of interest; job opportunities; minutes from the Annual Business Meeting; and presentations from the Annual Meeting.