Duties of President

Term of Office: one year

The OFWIM Bylaws State in Section 8: “The President shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and chair the Executive Committee. He or she shall have general charge and supervision over all affairs of the Organization and make appointments to committees as hereinafter authorized. The President acts as spokesperson for the Organization and serves as Vice-Chair of the Elections, Nominations, and Awards Committee.”

Leadership and inspiration. Develop and communication a vision of the organization to the members and especially to the Executive Committee (ExCom) and working committees.

Oversee operation of the organization. Ensure that the organization is abiding by laws and regulations, is following its bylaws, and is pursuing its goals for the year. Monitor the activities of the committees and recognize achievements. Track progress toward goals. Track progress toward organizing the annual meeting. Take corrective action (i.e., replacing committee members who leave or who decline to fulfill the obligations of their positions) when necessary to achieve organizational goals. Recruit members to serve on committees. May request that the Member-At-Large work on special project(s).

OFWIM Bylaws. Every five years, or as needed, convene an ad-hoc Bylaws Committee to complete a thorough review of the bylaws to ensure that the document reflects current technology and practices of the organization, and make recommendations for changes to be voted on by the membership. A Bylaws Committee was convened in 2013; the next thorough review should be conducted in 2018 at the latest.

Lead Executive Committee meetings/conference calls. Develop the agendas and post or email; facilitate calls for most effective discussions; value and encourage the input of all committee members; and invite working committee members as appropriate.

Accept invitations to speak or present on behalf of OFWIM. If invited, discuss with ExCom before accepting and report back after the event. Write an article if appropriate for OFWIM newsletter.

Be an ambassador for OFWIM wherever you go. With advice from the ExCom, advance coordination with related professional organizations. These collaborations help to increase OFWIM’s visibility as well as the networking and educational opportunities available to our members.

Serve as Vice-Chair of the Elections, Nominations & Awards Committee. Assist the chair in pursuing the committee’s goals for the year. Call new members and ask them to participate in a committee or help with the annual meeting.

Meeting planning. As part of the ExCom, review and approve the hotel and any other contracts associated with the annual meeting/conference. Make final decisions on meeting theme and other issues if they cannot be resolved by consensus of the ExCom.

Business meeting. With input from the ExCom, develop the agenda for the annual Business Meeting. Conduct the meeting up to the “New Business” section, at which point the meeting is turned over to the President-Elect.