Duties of Past President

Term of Office: one year

The OFWIM Bylaws State in Section 10: “The President shall serve as the Past President during the year following his or her term as President. The Past President shall act as an advisor to the Executive Committee and assist the President as requested. The Past President serves as a nonvoting member of the Executive Committee. The Past President will also serve as liaison between the Executive Committee and all other committee chairs, hosting committee chair meetings as necessary.”

Advisory. Participate on the Executive Committee as a non-voting member by providing guidance from past experience. The Past President often serves as a sounding board to the Executive Committee and tends to have institutional history and knowledge that helps guide decisions.

Assist President. When asked by the President, serve in different capacities, including assisting with and serving on committees, making contacts on behalf of OFWIM, or other duties as assigned.

Liaison between Committee Chairs and Executive Committee. Remind committee chairs of deadlines for quarterly reports to the executive committee and newsletters. Assist committee chairs as appropriate with quarterly and annual reports. Provide annual reports to the President Elect for inclusion in the annual business meeting materials.

OFWIM Bylaws Committee Chair. Every five years, or as needed, the President will convene an ad-hoc Bylaws Committee to complete a thorough review of the bylaws to ensure that the document reflects current technology and practices of the organization, and make recommendations for changes to be voted on by the membership. The Past President will serve as chair of this committee.