OFWIM Tools Inventory

The Data Standards and Technology Trends Committee is compiling a list of tools that OFWIM members have found handy to complete their regular job duties.

Project Planning

OFWIM members often find them themselves in the role of intermediary, connecting scientific and technical experts for the purpose of creating a desired data tool.

The OFWIM Project Discovery Guide will guide intermediaries through a series of detailed questions that can help all parties understand the extent and requirements of the desired outcome, select the most appropriate tool, and identify the technical expertise required to create the tool. Download your copy of the Discovery Guide.

Data Citations

Data and data systems require citations to ensure the original author/producer is appropriately acknowledged and to help other researchers or data managers find the resource.  Most resources state that data citation should include the same components as other citations, such as for journal articles:  author, title, year of publication, publisher (for data this is often the archive where they are housed), edition or version, and access information (URL or other identifier).

To assist with data citing, OFWIM’s Data Standards and Technology Trends Committee has identified these sources for data citation examples and formatting suggestions or templates:

Communicate Visually!

At our 2015 Conference, Diane Knudson presented a a half-day workshop on turning data into infographics. Tools and resources are available from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Training Center.