2021 Conference Presentations

Keynote Presentation

Adapt and Overcome:  Successfully Navigating Change
Tony Spicci, GISCI 

Session 1

Drones and ducks:  Integration of unmanned aerial systems and artificial intelligence for monitoring waterfowl abundance on conservation areas in Missouri
Reid Viegut, Univeristy of Missouri

Application of UAVs and deep learning in wildlife monitoring
Zicheng Tang, University of Missouri

Application and improvement of deep learning methods on waterfowl detection in UAV images
Yang Zhang, University of Missouri

Development of deep learning methods on wild animal population monitoring with trail cameras
Yizhen Wang, University of Missouri

Session 1 Recording (Password:  eQ3uJQPM)

Session 2

RecFish: Engaging recreational anglers as community scientists
M. Lisa Kellogg, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Wetland decision management tool
C. Diane True, Missouri Department of Conservation

Session 2 Recording (Password:  VcNqUr38)

Session 3

NM Conservation Information System:  Overview of wildlife-related components
Ginny Seamster, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Keith Hurley, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

OFWIM strategic thinking effort – next steps
Chelsea Krause, OFWIM President

Session 3 Recording (Password:  9MfaMmfZ)

Session 4

Sonar:  It is not just for chasing Russian subs anymore
Andrew Treble, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Tableau Workshops (Recordings)

Tableau for Beginners (Password:  fJUwkpm3)
Tableau for Users (no password)
Tableau for Prep Builder (Password: eUVjpVE6)