2017 Conference Presentations

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words - Displaying and Sharing Your Data in a Compelling WayGuest Speakers

Amazing Tennessee
Mime Barnes, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Keynote Presentation: More Technology Equal More Issues for Database Managers and GIS Analysts
Jason Duke, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

What Does Web GIS Really Mean for Fish and Wildlife Agencies?
Mike Bialousz, ESRI

Data Mining with Grit: The case of youth multi-year fishing and hunting license holders
Susan Steffen, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

High Resolution Aerial Digital Imaging to study natural and anthropogenic activity
Julia Robinson Willmott, Normandeau Associates

Mobile Data Collection Using Collector and Survey123 for ArcGIS
Michael Barbour, Alabama Natural Heritage Program

Finding the Cure for Boredom
Keith Hurley, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Can you see Paradise by the Dashboard Light? Using R Shiny to Create Dashboards to Streamline Data Processing and Quickly View Data
Sabra Tonn, AZ Game and Fish Department

TWRA Goes Interactive: Maps for the 21st Century
Lynn Barrett, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TW High Definition Stream Surveys: Rapid Data Collection for Integrating Fish Habitat, Channel Geomorphology, Water Quality, Water Quantity, and Infrastructure Surveys
Jim Parham, Trutta Environmental Solutions

Managing Science Data through Tools, Best Practices, and Community Engagement
Viv Hutchison, US Geological Survey

Reactivation vs. Recruitment: Using Email to Sell More Licenses
Matt Burlingame, Indiana Fish & Wildlife

On the Path to Mapping Riparian Communities across the State of Arizona
Austin Smith, Arizona Game and Fish Department

Empowering Citizen Scientists thru GIS
Chris Gerecke, Timmons Group

The OFWIM Tools Inventory and Project Discovery Guide
Kristin Rogers, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Developing “Best Practices” in Data Management, Data Quality, and Data Integration of Big Data
John Barry Taylor, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Kozlowski-Retaining and Reactivating New York Anglers via an email license renewal campaign
Gregory Kozlowski, NYSDEC

Wrestling with Recruitment
Matt Burlingame, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Generating “user-friendly” tools to identify
potential threats to species on a landscape level

Kayla Key, University of Missouri

Flowing with a Dynamic System: Stream Biota Community Structure in an Intermittent Stream
Isabel Faith Papraniku, Tennessee Technological University

Neutrophil:Lymphocyte Ratios as a Measure of Chronic Stress in Populations of the Hellbender
Allison Litmer, Tennessee Technological University

Ecologically Informed Water Management
Emily Tracy-Smith, University of Missouri

Assessing and Monitoring Stream Channels and Riparian Corridors Using LiDAR in the Grand River Grasslands
Dyan Pursell and Ryan Wortmann, Missouri Department of Conservation

Creation of a Comprehensive Aquatic Database Using a Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) Solution
Chelsea Krause, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Evaluating an Existing Application as a Solution for Your Fisheries Database Needs
Karen Horodysky, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Setting Up and Deploying Geospatial Data Shares Using the QGIS Server Application
Don Schrupp, Colorado Division of Wildlife (retired)

Lake Bathymetry Mapping using a Raspberry Pi and Open-Source Software
Powell Wheeler, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Aquatic Conservation at Different Spatial Scales
Sarah Sweat, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute

Accuracy Assessment of GPS Data from Mobile and Dedicated GPS Devices
Michael Barbour, Alabama Natural Heritage Program