2012 Conference Presentations

Tuesday, October 16

Welcome to Texas
John Herron, The Nature Conservancy

Fishes of Texas Project: A highly normalized and comprehensive data resource for management, research and citizen science
Dean Hendrickson, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Natural History Collection

Biotics 5 – Countdown to Launch
Rob Solomon, NatureServe

The Multistate Aquatic Resources Information System: New Design and Applied Uses
Jeff Smith, COMSO, Inc.

Texas Wildlife Information Management Services (TWIMS)
Stephen Lange, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON): The national unified resource for discovery, linkage, and re-use of organismal occurrence data
Annie Simpson*, Derek Masaki, and Gerald Guala, US Geological Survey, Core Science Systems, Eco-Science Synthesis Branch

Development and Management of New York Protected Areas Database (NYPAD), New York State’s conservation lands and open space database
Brent Kinal, New York Heritage Program

Implementing Data Quality Assurance and Control Procedures at the Time of Data Capture
Steve Rentmeester*, Jason Fiengold, Matt Deniston, and Jeff Lewis, Sitka Technology Group

Science and the Real World
Jon Purvis, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Database Integrity: Looking for Change
Don Katnik, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

You Don’t Have to Be a Programmer Anymore: Applying Business Intelligence Tools in a Resource Agency
Dr. John Barry Taylor, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Social Media for Science Sake!
Amy Hays, Texas AgriLife Extension

Texas Marine Species Identification Website
Brenda Bowling, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Preliminary Application of a Framework for Modeling Geographical Distibution of Stream Fishes with Derived Metacommunity Samples
Jian Huang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Catching Cane Toads: Determining biological differences in cane toad (Rhinella marina) trappability and assessing the effect of acoustic attractant position on cane toad capture rates
Alyse Yeager, Baylor University

Automating Stream Inventory Data Entry
Mike Babcock, Yakama Nation and Nicole Tursich, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Wednesday, October 17

Developing YOUR Organization’s Mobile Application Strategy
Chris Gerecke, Timmons Group

MDC Mobile: iPads for Collecting Field Data
Joel Sartwell, Missouri Department of Conservation

CyberTracker: Mobile Data Applications, TPWD Wildlife Division
Stephen Lange, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Monitoring Methods: An On-Line Tool for Helping Practitioners Find the Best Techniques for Monitoring Natural Resources
Steve RentMeester*, Matt Deniston, Sitka Technology Group, and Jacque Schei, Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Program

The Benefits of Cloud Computing to Automate Habitat Mapping with Acoustics
Matt Johnson, Contour Innovations

At-sea Data Collection in the Salmon Fisheries Using GPS-enabled Android
John Lavrakas, Advanced Research Corporation

Multiple Approaches to Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Field Data Collection
Brent Kinal, New York Natural Heritage Program

Integration of tabular and GIS technologies in a web-based data query system
Bruce Schmidt, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Texas Fishing Mobile Web
Dyanne Cortez, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program: Good Data In, Good Data Out, Good Decisions
Julie Defilippi, Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program

Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Florida
Beth Stys, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The Surprising Impacts of Technology: Development of a Fish Identification Mobile Application
Keith Hurley, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Results of the Data Standards Technology Survey
Kevin Patten, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Recent History of OFWIM Web Presence
Danny Lewis, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Thursday, October 18

2012: A RIS Odyssey: the evolution and future of TPWD’s Resource Information System
Vivian Ackerson, Texas Parks and Wildlife

LandHelp.info: Assisting Land Owners in Making a Plan for Their Lands
Don Schrupp, Retired Wildlife Ecologist (CDOW)

HabiMap – A Web Service supporting State Wildlife Action Plans and More
Sabra Tonn, Arizona Game and Fish Department

A New Map-based Online Conservation Planning and Environmental Review Tool in Virginia
Jason Bulluck, Virginia DCR – Natural Heritage Program

Web Mapping Made Easy with Google Fusion Tables
David O’Donnell, Texas Parks and Wildlife

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s TRACS System (Implementation and Use from a State Perspective)
James E. Husband, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Afternoon Workshops

Phenology and Citizen Science Go Mobile
Lee Marsh, USA-NPN

Ornithological Crowdsourcing: An Innovative Approach to Data Collection
Jessica Zelt, USGS