Infographic Contest

Quality data is useless unless it can be effectively communicated. Clear presentation of scientific results to a non-technical audience can be one of the most difficult tasks for any information manager. OFWIM invites you to show off your visual communication skills in the 2015 Infographic Contest!

The contest will be held in conjunction with our annual conference in Colonial Williamsburg. The winning infographic will be chosen by popular vote taken during the Hacker’s Ball. You needn’t be present to win, but you do need to submit your entry by September 22.

How To Play

  1. Choose one of these journal articles:
    Rethinking length-based fisheries regulations
    Participation rates in recreational fishing
  2. Design an infographic to communicate a result or message from the article.
  3. Infographics should fit on a single piece of letter-sized paper. Please save as an image file (jpg, png, tiff), a PowerPoint (ppt, ppts) or a PDF.
  4. E-mail your entry (or entries) to Keith Hurley before September 22.