Much of OFWIM’s year-round work is done in committees. Each committee has a chair appointed by the President. The Vice-Chair is the designated Executive Committee member as outlined in the bylaws, or is appointed by the President.

Communications, Membership & Outreach
  • Chair – Julie Defilippi Simpson
  • Newsletter Editor – Jordan Holtswarth
  • Webmaster – Dyanne Cortez

The Communications, Membership & Outreach Committee is responsible for publishing a newsletter; managing the travel grant; helping organize the annual meeting of the Organization, including publicity; maintaining the Web site, social media accounts, mailing list, and other communications and information sharing mechanisms; and maintaining and increasing Organization membership by actively identifying and contacting potential members.

In 2019, CMO will focus on development of a “Who we Are” video for OFWIM in coordination with the Data Standards, Trends, and Technology Committee. The group will also be adding a photo gallery function to the website and will continue to explore various social media platforms and determine which one(s) are most appropriate for OFWIM. In coordination with Data Standards and Technology, CMO will work on a more user-friendly interface for viewing the results of the tools inventory. The OFWIM historian will continue compiling and digitizing historical OFWIM documentation such as newsletters and conference proceedings.

Conference Planning
  • Chair – Karen Horodysky

Coordinate the development and implementation of the 2019 OFWIM Annual Conference at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. Reach out to relevant agencies and schools in states surrounding the meeting location to build partnerships and generate awareness and interest in OFWIM.

Data Standards & Technology Trends
  • Chair – Vacant

This committee is responsible for developing and/or supporting the development of data standards focusing on needs expressed by OFWIM annual meeting participants. The committee also will work to identify emerging technologies and trends in technology that affect wildlife and fisheries data collection, management, and sharing.

Training & Education
  • Chair – Michael Barbour

This committee is responsible for assessing the continuing educational and information management and technology training needs of fisheries and wildlife professionals and works in close coordination with the Executive Committee to develop a comprehensive continuing education program.

2019 Goals and Objectives

In 2019, T&E will focus on developing distance learning opportunities on topics of interest to OFWIM members. This will include establishing at least one OFWIM-sponsored webinar and working with the Conference Planning Committee to support setting up a training workshop at the 2019 Annual Conference. The committee will also continue to announce training/educational opportunities available through other sources by posting them on the OFWIM Community Portal at Groupsite.

Elections, Nominations, & Awards
  • Chair – Jeanette Jones

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing the Organization’s various award and recognition programs and for developing a slate of candidates for the Organization’s annual elections.

Goals for 2019

  1. Develop a slate of candidates for 2020 OFWIM officer positions.
  2. Maintain the Student Scholarship Program.
  3. Maintain the Innovation Award.
  4. Coordinate on-site voting for Best Presentation and Best Poster awards at the Annual Meeting.
  5. Print certificates for Service Awards to be presented at Annual Business Meeting.